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When people search the web for a Kent garage clearance service, it usually means that your garage feels like it has shrunk to half its size, and fitting the car inside has become a military exercise? You probably have masses of boxes piled up and old bikes leaning on the walls too.
If this sounds familiar, then contact FDR Group Ltd’s Kent garage clearance team, and we’ll make sure your garage is left clear of waste!

With our complete garage clearance, your family car won’t have to be parked on the street where it’s vulnerable to spotty youths that think it’s amusing to scratch keys down the side of your shiny paintwork.

Perhaps you want to make space for a new workbench. Or maybe you plan to turn your garage into a living or recreational room. Whatever your reasons for clearing out your garage, you can count on us to remove any unwanted items from your premises.

Kent Garage Waste Collections

We can take old furniture, machinery, tools, vehicle parts, and more. We are equipped to pack the trash collected in your garage onto our purpose-built vehicles to have it exiled to a landfill and disposed of respectfully.

There is also no waiting around for a permit from the local council for skip hire, no heavy lifting, and absolutely no fines for illegal littering. If you have ever had to endure a long phone call with the councils’ call centre, we are confident you would do whatever it takes to circumvent having to do it again.

Hire our garage waste removal team and preserve your valuable time and hard-earned cash! To make a booking with our Kent garage clearance team, all you have to do is call us directly. There are no long call queues, no days awaiting a permit, no trouble.

You can also save money. Flat fees for skip hire are a thing of the past, as you only pay for the exact amount of waste you want to be removed. We strive for flexible rates and hassle-free service. So, phone 020 3811 8667 now and let the specialists from FDR Group Ltd Waste Clearance save you time as well as money!

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I Need Garage Clearance Companies Near Me!

If you’ve just searched google or asked Alexa to find you companies for a Kent garage clearance near me, you will be glad to know that our caged trucks are capable of taking both large and small loads. Our helpful team will load all your waste for you quickly and efficiently. They will also sweep up and leave the site tidy. We offer all-inclusive services in clearing all kinds of rubbish, including white goods.

Whether you want to remove some garden machinery & tools or a few rusty old bikes, we’ll help you. We clear waste from properties across Kent for domestic and commercial customers every day. We are quick, efficient and responsible for how we dispose of the waste.

The Garage Waste We Remove!

Whatever you have accumulated inside your garage, we are confident we have the best team to take it away and transport it to the nearest, suitable rubbish dump.

We remove and dispose of:

Cardboard boxes and heaps of old newspapers

Ancient tools and machines

Rusty bikes and barbecues

Old garden and home furniture

Camping, beach and sport equipment

Old Christmas trees & decorations

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We offer full garage clearance with either just picking the waste or rip out solutions, whichever best suits your needs. We process each item with its reusability and dispose of it with the highest care to the environment. We are experienced and very careful.


We have garage clearance crews positioned all around Kent ready to arrive and remove your rubbish on the same day of your call.

No Hidden Costs

Our clients only pay for the waste we collect and dispose of.



Our waste clearance services come with a guarantee and routine quality control.

7 Days a Week

We work 7 days a week, and also propose same day services when you require one.



We are a company that cares for the environment and makes sure all recyclable waste is recycled.


Finding reliable garage waste removal experts to remove the junk from your garage is not simple at all. To make your choice more straightforward, we have assembled a team of some of the best professionals in the business. All Kent garage clearance team members are eager to assist you with every type of waste you need to collecting and disposing of.


Clearing up all those cluttered garage areas is no mean feat. How do you find the time to sort through them? How would you carry the bulky stuff? Where would you even put them when you have decided which items to get rid of?

With FDR Group Ltd’s Kent garage clearance service, you just sit back, relax and let us save the day. To experience affordable garage rubbish collection, dial 020 3811 8667 now! You can call us around the clock, and we will help you fix up a meeting with the team at your property.

Once we are onsite, we will present you with a free estimate based on the amount of junk we load and remove. We will load it all and take it away for you only when you agree with the price.

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